Hey thanks for checking out my skills page. This is where I provide the nitty gritty details of what I can do. Enjoy!

Writing/Content Strategy

I never quite understood how important writers are until I started doing small business videography. I found that one could have the best equipment, the smoothest cinematographer or the richest producers, but if a good writer was lacking, the whole project would suffer. The obsession began. I bought a writing structure book, worked to improve my grammar and actually started reading classic American literature again.  When I got hired at Webfor, I finally got to put what I learned to good use. I found how to create proper content strategies that would actually create traction instead of just writing generic blog posts that no one will read. 

Given the proper tools, I can find exactly what content would go viral in any niche.

Examples: We had a client we needed a big link for, but it was in a "boring" niche. After brainstorming for a while I found an angle. I reached out to the biggest magazine in that industry and they loved the idea. I researched and wrote [1] the article that week. It actually was the most shared article on social that had ever been written on their site!

A similar situation was happening with a moving company I was doing outreach for. We needed a viral piece, and after some brainstorming I came up with a [2] light and funny article that got over 260 shares. Compare that to their previous social share record of zero. I also still contribute to and one of [3] my articles just recently got over 2k shares.

If you have a website that needs new traffic or if you are a blogger/content-creator and could use some help or just want to talk ideas, shoot me a line! 

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Photo/small business video 

This was my first taste of entrepreneurship. I was 20 years old working at a fine dining Italian restaurant in Downtown Portland (Shameless plug: Mucca Osteria, I swear it's the best Italian in Portland) and like anyone that age I was struggling to find my calling. I soon met a friend who was an amazing videographer and I quickly fell in love with visual production. A week later I got a loan for ten thousands dollars and literally spent all of it in two days buying camera products on Amazon.

I started watching YouTube videos to get better and eventually I was shooting weddings and small business videos all over Portland. I ended up getting hired by Wizard World to shoot television for their subsidiary ConTV. I met tons of b list celebrities and got to fly all over America. I learned how serious production works and how organized they are. Even though I switched over to digital marketing as my main skill, I still keep my video production skills sharp just in case. 



My favorite thing (and it's not dead). When I was 22 I decided I wanted to get back into online marketing. We (myself and one of my longtime business partners Joe Cartwright) started making lead generation sites and we ranked then quite well. We thought we were going to get rich off them but quickly found out that business owners wanted us to build their websites rather than our own. So both my partner split ways and both got hired by amazing marketing agencies. It was there I learned to become a digital marketing professional. 

Below is an example of one of my personal clients that I've had for years and has nothing to do with my time at a marketing agency. 

In just over a year and a half, my team and I brought from zero visitors a month to nearly 4K visitors. I followed the fundamentals, cleaned their citations, built amazing links, wrote about a 100 blog posts, created a GMB review strategy that worked great, spent a fair budget on Facebook ads to get social signals and of course implemented individual schema mark up to every individual landing page. The resultants were incredible. Number one in Tacoma Wa, number one in Everett Wa and number 3 in Seattle all within 2017 (type in into SEMrush).



Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns

I can show results so fast that clients fall in love with this service. It's a simple formula: find out what problems potential customers are having, create an add that highlights this problem and gives possible resolutions to that problem, capture the lead and populate a Google sheet with the lead, and finally, help the business create an internal funnel that turns these leads into customers. 

Facebook has become my favorite medium to get results quickly. We first sit and listen carefully to the clients goals. We then research our Target audience and build an effective marketing campaign targeted towards them. 

If you want to grow your social following, this is the first step. 


Project management/Operations

For two years I was the project manager for as stated earlier. During this time I managed a team of 5 people. Two writers, a link outreach specialist, a developer and a photographer. I created a comprehensive strategy that got us such achievements as reaching number one in the competitive KW locksmith Tacoma and number three in the extremely competitive locksmith Seattle. I used Slack and Asana for all my communications with my team who all lives in different parts of the world. I love working remotely and I believe it is possible for any digital marketing agency. 



Sales moves the world around. I've learned it doesn't matter how skilled you are, if you can't make sales, you can't make money. I learned sales doing door-to-door from some of the best in the industry. Both Robbie Tackwell and  Taylor Woodruff work at the prestigious Fisher investments now, but not before an incredible summer of door to door sales. It was here that I learned adbanced people skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Go ahead and put mt on your sales team, I DARE YOU.  


So that's it folks! If you like what you just read send me an email.