Beautiful Downtown Vancouver Homes EXCEPT IN THE SNOW.

A Snowy Stroll Turns Into a History Lesson...

Opposite of east Vancouver Washington with all its Panera breads and New Seasons, there is a magical little place called downtown Vancouver. Its really the beautiful neighborhoods like Arnada and Carter park that gives the place that classic Ne Portland feel. Each home was built by a different architect, mostly in the early 1900's, and displays its own unique charm and personality. 

Of course, like most of us, I never really thought to look into it.

But as two friends and I were exploring during an unexpected snow storm,  we came across a particularly sharp older woman who had some secrets to share with us about the neighborhoods. 

Almost all the brick buildings and houses in West Vancouver proper were laid by the Hidden family, who built the first building in Vancouver with a telephone and an elevator.  The whole city threw a huge celebration for the elevator and roasted 48 turkeys. Dope.

That inspired this shoot. Let's admire the craftsmanship of these houses. Ten points if you can find the hidden snow doggo.